Being raised on a farm in Central NSW by salt-of-the-earth farming parents, there were two career options acceptable for girls like me – teacher or nurse. Rather dissapointingly for my poor old dad, I became neither.

All I wanted to do was write. But I didn’t yet have the confidence to share my stories with the world, so I did the next best thing and forged a career in marketing and PR – after all marketers and PR spinners are the greatest story tellers of our time.

But several years ago now I was fortunate enough to have an early mid life crisis and have since retrained to become a proper journalist. After a stint working for a country newspaper and a rural lifestyle magazine, I have somehow managed to forge a semi-successful career as a freelance writer which I absolutely love. I get to meet people I wouldn’t ever have the chance to meet and tell the stories of country families. You can find my stories in www.countryhomeideas.com.au, www.modernhomeideas.com.au, and www.webchild.com.au

In 2010 when I was asked by my editor to write a story on romance authors Kelly Hunter and Bronwyn Parry I answered her in typical cynical Gen X style, ‘Why?’ But then I started to research the genre and talk to the authors and finally I took the plunge and started to read romance – even the eek! sexy ones. And then something happened.

I realised why. Because romance is relevant. And exciting and exhilerating and makes me feel. Which is what good movies do or good conversations with friends. They make you feel. So after spending years writing short stories that ended in the middle of a thought, I sat down and started to write a romance. With a beginning, a middle and an end. With an alpha hero and a fish out of water heroine.

I’m just beginning my romance writing journey and I’d love it if you would come on the journey with me. I’ll be blogging about my experience as I research the genre, my stories and find inspiration. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the adventure as much as I am!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Jen, reading this takes me back to the time when I felt the same way. Delving into the romance, especially after my snooty grad-school English Lit. background, I was surprised to learn how relevant romance is in our lives. Most of all, I find writing about romance, about the dynamics of love gone good or bad, is one of the most rewarding career choices I’ve made. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you at RWA 2013–excited and aglow!

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