This Little Red Engine Definately Can!

So you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. Why? Great Question. Easy answer. I’ve been writing! Yes, it’s true – my muse is definately in the building and my WIP is barrelling along.

I had some grave concerns there as I kept getting sick of my characters and bored of my plots but my current WIP is fabulous (if I do so say myself)

It helps that I’ve found a wonderful Critique Partner through who appears to love what I’ve written too. This means it’s not so easy to tell myself that what I’ve written a pile of steaming excrement. As I’d then be disagreeing with my CP who is obviously very intelligent and a discerning reader.

What’s funny is that now – when I start my day – I’m not anxious to get on to Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or some other virtual world – I’m eager to dive back into my story and see what my characters are up to. And I wrote it. So I know what they’re up to. But somehow, someway I always think that I’ll read back something and say ‘Wow, really?’

I’m so so excited about my current WIP. It takes place in the world of journalism and centre’s around a great debate regarding online vs print journalism. I love it because I’m passionate about journalism (if you didn’t know I’m a journo by trade) and am super interested to see where the industry is heading. But don’t worry if you couldn’t give a birds whistle about the topic – the love story between the two characters is sparky and emotional and super duper sexy. At least I hope that’s what I hope my future publisher will say.

Nuff about me – what’s your favourite ‘world’ when it comes to romance? Exotic islands? Down and dirty inner cities? Glamourous beach locations? Super-scary paranormal? I’d love to know so leave a comment below!