Flicking the switch on my creative brain

I have called myself a writer ever since I wrote my first story. I was six and there was a situation concerning a mother ferret and her lost unborn child…don’t ask…it was complicated.

As soon as I received that sticker with a smiling ladybug on it, I decided writing was for me.

But not all writing is the same and even though Mrs Britt, my Yr 1 teacher loved my creative re-telling of the birth process of ferrets, my current magazine editors would rather I stick to the facts. When I write my stories about the lavish and decadent homes and gardens throughout Australia. (You can check out some of my stories at www.countryhomeideas.com.au or www.modernhomeideas.com.au) I use words like ‘delightful’ and ‘sustainable’ and french country’ and I make sure that everything I write was actually what was said. Being a freelance writer I get to write all sorts of articles (including one on romance authors which was a finalist in the 2011 ROMA awards) which means I keep having to switch my thinking as my potential audience switches.

But when writing romance, the storylines and characters are not sitting in front of me offering a cup of tea and a homemade macaroon. They say crazy (and sometimes irrelevant) things and go amazing, outrageous places. Sometimes I try to reign them in saying ‘do you know how much that trip would cost in fuel?’ but I find I have to stop myself. I have to let the characters tell the story and see where it goes.

Romance writing is by far the most exciting and most frightening writing I have ever done. But I bloody love love it. So when my characters call and says there winging their way to Sorrento – I will go with them, let them have their fun and not once mention sensible shoes. JenniferRaeX

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